Translation of figures

1.What is the Translation of figures?

Definition: All the _______on the figure, move for the same_________and_________on the plane.


  • After the figure be translated, what has been changed and what hasn’t been changed?


What has been changed:  1.position   2.size    3.shape     (circle the right answer)

What hasn’t been changed1.position   2.size    3.shape   (circle the right answer)


(1) We call:

Corresponding points :___________________________

Corresponding line segments:_____________________

Corresponding line angles:________________________

Write all of them

  • Group work I


  • Measure the length of sides and the sizes of the angles, and share what you’ve found?

Conclusion2: After translation, the corresponding________________________are_________.

  • Connect point and then measure them,and share what you’ve found?

Conclusion3: After translation, the ______between every group of corresponding______is equal.


  • We call:

The distance between corresponding points is the distance of_____________________

4.Group work II

Try to move the figures 3 units down , 3 units right. 


Exercise 1Try to move the figures 6 units right & 2 units down , and then find the distance and direction of translation. 


Exercise 2:  Please move the Circle 3 units left.

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