Rules around us

Teaching Plan

Topic: Rules round us      Material: Oxford English 6A, Unit7, page 45

Class: Class 5, Grade 6     Date: November 21, 2017

Teacher: Sandy (董智凝)

Teaching objectives:

After having this lesson, my students will be able to

  1. use prepositions to indicate places.

e.g. We have rules on the road.

  1. use modal verbs to express obligation and prohibition.

e.g. We must wait for the green man.

  1. know the importance of the rules in different places.


Teaching procedures:

Procedures Learning activities Purposes
Pre-task preparations 1. Play a game. To get warmed up.
2. Answer some questions and talk about the rules. To get interested in the new topic







While-task procedures

1. Have a brainstorm about where we have rules. To think of as many places where we have rules as possible
2. Read the text and pay attention to different prepositions. To practise reading and learn the uses of different prepositions
3. Look at some signs and tell the rules and the possible places. To learn the uses of the modal verb “must”
4. Ask and answer in pairs about different signs. To practise using the modal verb “must”
5. Read more rules and ask and answer in pairs. To continue practising using the modal verb “must”
Post-task activities Make a poster on five rules in different places in groups and make a report. To practise speaking ability and learn to make rules and reports.
Assignments Oral work:

1. Read the text on page 45 and recite it.

2. Show the poster and tell the rules to other groups.

Written work:

1. Finish Workbook page 42.

2. Make a poster of at least five rules at home, put it on the wall of your bedroom and obey the rules in the future.

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